Achieving Success

Everyone's goal is to be successful on both personal and family levels. Be one of them.

There is no doubt that success is everyone’s demand. All people aspire to achieve personal and/or family success. Then again, achieving success depends on one’s commitment to setting goals, determining methods / means and exerting efforts to achieve those goals. To begin with, let us first define “success”, we will then go further into a step-by-step framework to achieve success.

What is Success?

It is the achievement of satisfying results for pre-set objectives. It varies from one person to another. The success of a shopkeeper is quite different than the success of a farm owner, a student or a teacher. At first glance, when reading these lines, some might think that success should involve money, and despite the importance of money in today’s world, this article will not address “success” from money-making perspective. In this article, I will share with you a framework that will outline the steps to overcome obstacles and achieve the success that you seek.

Why Do Many People Fail?

Many people fail to realize ends and reap the fruit of success for several reasons that some may ignore, or think they are insignificant. Here are some of those reasons that may be a real impediment to your success. Please note that I am here referring to your success in a general term, whatever position or environment you are in.

Reason #1: Failure to Set Reasonable and Achievable Goals

Such failure is because of one’s underestimation of his/her strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you are capable of and fully recognizing your potential enables you to overcome a real obstacle that hinders your progress. Here, I should point out and denote that distinction should be made between “knowing your capabilities” and “underestimating yourself, believing that you cannot accomplish much or achieve impressive success”. You do not need to be a person with supernatural abilities, a scientist or one with an incomparable capability. All you need is self-confidence and persistence to make action.

Real-Life Example

Allow me before proceeding further to raise a point here concerning some practices in the education and upbringing fields. Some teachers may find a student with low level of education skills, someone unable to score good results. They decide that such child is unsuccessful, thus predetermining his destiny. In some cases, some parents or teachers may use some words that hurt the child as being a loser, for example, resulting in the child disappointment and crashing his/her dream. Had they made use of the child’s aspects of creativity, they would have made him/her a creative person. They could have utilized his talents such drawing, chanting, sporting, etc. you name the skills that can be developed.

To Do List

Trust Yourself

The first step towards overcoming such obstacle, namely setting reasonable and achievable goals, is to trust yourself, trust your abilities and boost your spirits. Take a deep breath, sit alone, and remind yourself with your ability to achieve what you may think is impossible. From within you, success is made. Then write down your goals and devote yourself to achieve them.

It may come to your mind, however, how this can be a hindrance to one’s success! You must know, dear reader, that humans are distinguished with different abilities and skills so the wheel of life will go on and on. Not all people are creative in one and only one area, otherwise life will be disrupted. You find persons with charming voices, others in giving speech, and some others in engineering, etc.

To illustrate how does this step work, let us give an example of a person who wants to become a shining star in chanting, but he/she does not have a charming voice. In this case, it is not logical for such a person to set a goal to become a singer, as such talent is not an acquired gift. But, if someone learns a second language and has set a goal to be well-known in field of translation and to join the world’s largest universities or international companies, that is possible as long as he/she pursuits his / her dream. If another person is willing to be an internationally-recognized programmer with a positive impact in programming, and keeps learning and practicing, he/she will achieve their goals.

The bottom line is, do not underestimate your abilities and do not set yourself irrational goals. The balance in this matter is very wise, and from this point the first step towards success starts.

Reason #2: Care Less about Frustraters

You may have heard the story of the two frogs who were trying to jump out a hole. It was narrated that “a group of frogs were moving from one place to another in the jungle, when two fell into a deep pit. The rest of the frogs gathered around the pit looking at the two frogs (at the bottom). Those out believed that the two stuck in the pit will not be able to get out due to the depth of that pit. The crowd started shouting ‘you will not be able to get out of that pit, no matter how hard you try’.

The frogs ignored what they were saying and kept trying to get out. The crowd repeated their statement ‘they will not succeed, they will not get out’. One of the two frogs started losing resolve until he finally stopped trying to get out of the pit. On the other hand, the other one persisted until he managed to leave that pit. The crowd was very surprised with the great ability of the survivor, to them it was an inevitable end. When they started talking to it, they found that it was deaf, it could not hear a word of they were saying”.


The reason for its success was that the frog could not hear. It did not give a damn to what was going on around it. It did not surrender just because of what the others were saying. The other frog failed because it listened to what they said, it could have succeeded if it just ignored what they were saying.

Do not tie yourself with a bad experience you have had, or a difficult situation that you lived through. Do not be trapped in fear of what people might say, as satisfying people is a goal that can NEVER be achieved. You should know that achieving your goals and ambitions are not to be neglected. The things that you cannot fully achieve, it is not wise to give up on them all. Let go of the past, fold the pages of your mistakes and bad experiences. Do not listen to those who tell you that you are exaggerating in illusions. People fight and resist what they are unaware of, and they are often a hindrance to what is beyond their grasp. Go ahead and do not turn back, a deer falls prey between the fangs of a lion because it stops several times and looks back to check the distance between it and the lion.

Never Give Up

Reason 3: Giving Up Your Dreams

Many people give up as soon as they face any obstacle, but if they insist and continue carrying out their dreams, they will succeed. I remember a saying for a wise person in this regard “a lame sheep will eventually get home, even if it takes a while”. Your steps to success may be long and you may be late, but late is better than never, and with your determination you will achieve your goal. There is nothing more difficult than giving up your dreams or believing that your dreams are nothing but illusions. You should stop thinking that your dreams are illusion, this is so wrong. Keep dreaming and never dream low, dream big and very big to the extent that the sky is your limits. Be energetic with strong will, for who he fears climbing mountains, will live in pits for eternity.

Thomas Edison

I do not want you to feel that I am exaggerating. If you read Thomas Edison’s success story, you will be definitely confident that persistence and determination take you to where you want to be. Giving up, on the other hand, will crush your dreams and success as well. When Thomas Edison initiated his attempts to invent electric light bulb, he was asked how did you feel to fail 10,000 times? He replied “I didn’t fail 10,000 times. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. What a great spirit did he have! The taste of success after a long journey of hardship, difficulties and determination is so marvelous. The ardent determination and resolute willpower to succeed in any field are two things that you must be equipped with and you should master the same.


I conclude this article with an ancient story from some history books. It was narrated that a student was striving to seek knowledge. After a long period, he though he is not suitable for such things, as he was unable to comprehend all he was taught. He quit, and one day he was passing by a well. He saw a rock with a small hole on it. He looked and found that that hole was caused by constant drops of water on it. He said, knowledge is not as soft as of the drops of water, but my mind is not as hard as that rock. If drops of the water caused a hole in that rock, I believe I could be a great student by persistence. He went back seeking knowledge until fulfilling what he aimed to achieve.

In the next article, hopefully, I will address the things that should be taken into consideration in order to achieve success. So, be in peace and inspiration.

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