What Are the Best 10 Ways to Boost Your Business? Part2

If you have not read Part 1 of this article, then I recommend you to CLICK HERE and read it first. Then come back to read this second part. In the first part we wrote about the first 5 best ways, which were: prioritization, diversifying marketing methods, outsourcing and video marketing. In this part we will write about the remaining, yet important remaining 5 ways to be successful and increase your profit and earnings.

SIXTH: Add A New Niche

There is a possibility that you were planning to add a niche or more to your business, but due to some reasons or “procrastination” you have not started yet. If that is the case, then you should be more serious and start your plans on how to add this/these new niches to grow your business. But if you have not thought of adding new niches to your business, then it is the right time to start thinking of a related new niche through which you can double your profits. If you think you cannot add new niches, then a question arises “Why cannot you?”

Diversifying streams of income and niches is unbelievable powerful. If you are a marketer that goes for “Work from Home” niche only, you may need to add “Weight Loss” niche to your program. Grab two or three niches and work on them all together. You are leaving profit on the table and wasting valuable income stream. Just try it NOW and let me know the awesome success you achieved, by writing a comment to this post.

You may ask “What happens if I fail?” The answer is simple, isn’t business all about success and failure, trial and error? If someone goes to business believing that he/she should succeed no matter what, then they are sadly mistaken. Trying new niches does not necessarily mean success. One has to do all the needed measurements and follow advices and exert effort. If they do so and yet failed, then no need to worry and stop completely, just try another one, but be cautious and ask for advice.

SEVENTH: Prospect

The one who seizes new opportunities is always successful. If any business owner wishes to achieve success, then they should grab opportunities. Possibilities are endless, opportunities are abundant, and they come in various forms. The only thing that stops you is YOU. This is particularly true if you are living in US, Europe, Canada, Australia. You have no excuse; you have to work smarter not harder. If you face any issues, you can reach out and seek advice. You can work in various fields, you can be a marketer, you can do affiliate marketing and you can more and more.

Prospecting may give you an extra deal for an entire year and it can generate as much as 1,000 extra deals! How is that for increasing your profits? Even if you successfully obtain one client or make only one sale as a direct result of your extra ‘prospecting’ you will enhance your business and increase your profits.

 Go out there and see what’s hot — and what people want. It’s very easy to stick with what you already know and are routinely doing on a daily or weekly basis. But, if you take the time to prospect a little bit, and pretend like it is the beginning of your online career again and you are super enthusiastic about all the fresh opportunities and money making ideas that are surrounding you. You will surely find a thing (or two) that will lead to a long-term income and profit stream.

 Remember, we’re beefing up your business here, I am not saying to do these types of things all the time. But once every year or couple years is a good time to update, upgrade and take your business to the next level, no matter how small or large your business is.

 Prospect for new clientele, prospect for new business ideas — Prospect.


This is something I like to call the ‘Double Effect’ and it is a theory/technique/strategy that I use to enhance my business and increase my profits every couple year.

The Double Effect can be applied to many different circumstances, for instance, let us talk about it on a smaller scale for a moment. If you write articles to promote your website and it is working very well for you, what could you do to double that success? Simple. Outsource the exact number of articles that you write, so if you write 5 articles, outsource 5 articles and now you will have 10 articles. This will mean that your efforts, as well as your traffic, as well as your PROFITS, will double.

Okay, so even if they don’t double per se, what if they improved by 150%? That would still be MORE profit in your pocket at the end of the day. You don’t even have to outsource or pay money to get double the work done sometimes. You can write the whole 10 yourself instead of just writing 5, or you can have a friend, family member or significant other help write for you as well, provided you give them a little bit of training.

 What else could you do in your online business world that could DOUBLE your profits?

Can you come out with two videos instead of just one?

Can you market to 2 niches instead of one?

Can you charge double for one of your products or services instead of possibly selling yourself short?

Can you possibly (with the help of some outsourcing) pull off two launches instead of one this year?

Can you put up a website AND a blog instead of just one or the other?

Could you possibly double your PPC Advertising budget, or raise it by any %?

Any of the above tactics would either double your profits or increase them significantly, so there is no reason to ignore the magical potential of the ‘Double Effect.’

Again, it isn’t rocket science, but it works, and it is a perspective that you should try to embrace.

What if you took it even further and made a ‘TRIPLE EFFECT’? That would take a little bit more outsourcing or tripling the number of hours you work to accomplish but triple the income doesn’t sound bad to me. Most people don’t DO that much work online, so doubling their efforts or even tripling their efforts wouldn’t really be that difficult to do. For a more advanced marketer, maybe doubling a few things here and there such as the number of articles submitted per month or the doubling the price of a product — while adding a bonus to compensate of course.

NINTH: Get with the Times

It is 2020 and drawing closer and closer to 2021. We were supposed to have flying cars by now, but instead we have iPods and eBooks. Well, it’s pretty advanced compared to even 15-20 years ago, even 10 years ago! A lot of internet marketers stick to what has made them money ‘in the past’ or they follow a business model that worked for somebody else, ‘in the past.’ What matters is right now. If a new product comes out tomorrow that sweeps the nation, and everybody MUST have one — your job as a marketer is to go out there and market it! Why would you stay back and market beepers or pagers, when iPhones and BlackBerries are the latest and greatest? 

Here are some things you can do to ‘Get with the Times’ as far as your internet business is concerned:

  • Get into video marketing
  • Use Web 2.0 techniques
  • Make your site look modern!
  • Be involved in social networks (twitter, etc.)
  • Have video on your site, as well as new looking Web 2.0 graphics
  • Sell Products that are popular NOW, in the current time (day, week, month)
  • Follow the latest rule changes so you can keep up with effective SEO techniques (A lot of people use very outdated SEO tactics that don’t work anymore).
  • Use LSI Techniques when doing SEO for your site or when writing optimized articles, etc.
  • Build a list of opt-in subscribers using a squeeze page
  • And anything else that is new, groundbreaking, effective, creative and profitable!

TENTH: Learn New Skills This Year

By learning a new skill (that there is a demand for of course), there is no way that you will not increase your profits in the coming months and years. Personally, I think that copywriting is the best skill you could possibly learn, or at very least brush up on. If you can write effective sales copy, not only can you make a lot of money by writing the sales letters to promote your own products or affiliate promotions, but you can also charge an arm and a leg for your sales copywriting services.

If copywriting is too time consuming of a venture for you to get into, or you are not interested in it at all, there are many skills you can learn that can make you money right on the Warrior Forum itself, or on other Freelance websites as well as offline — such as:

  • Web design
  • Article writing
  • Graphic design
  • SEO Techniques
  • LSI Techniques
  • Learn some Time Management skills
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, Java, Flash, Ruby on Rails, or any of these related skills are highly sought after and pay very well
  • How to create your own product
  • How to land a JV
  • And again, anything creative that you can come up with!

Whether you learn the new skill to use solely in your own advertising campaigns or so that you can sell your services — you will profit highly from acquiring one of these skills. If you learn the skill to use for yourself, you will save a ton of money on outsourcing, therefore your profits will have increased. Or, if you learn the skill in order to sell your services you will also (obviously) profit greatly from that route.

Take article writing for example. If you learn how to do this simple skill, you can profit in at least 3 ways that I can think of off the top of my head:

  1. Writing articles for yourself to promote your products/services, etc.
  2. Saving money by not having to outsource
  3. Selling your article writing services for even more profit

You will leave money on the table again if you don’t learn a new skill this year. How many times do we leave money on the table on a daily basis? Think about it. All these extra nooks and crannies that we can squeeze profits and long-term income streams out of can really add up to a lot, and make a significant difference in the success of one’s business.


It is clear that we can all enhance our business and increase our profits in one way or another, no matter how successful or unsuccessful we have been in the past. The past is over and done with. What matters is the present, which is what shapes the future. The future is important because it determines where we will be in a year, two years, five and ten years down the road. Will you be happy? Healthy? Wealthy? It’s up to you in a lot of ways.

This report explains clearly, how you can enhance your business and increase your profits over the next year(s) and if you implement even ONE of the tips in this report, you will increase your profits. As a matter of fact, even if you just re-sell this report once or twice or give it away in exchange for an email address in order to build your opt-in list you will have already profited from this report and have ‘increased your profits’ in a way. Taking action is always the most important factor in the end, no matter how great of an idea or plan you have in mind.

I wish you all the best of success!

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