Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It

Develop Your Learning Skills and Master Any Language with Valuable Advises and Free Online Resources

The Ultimate Rapid Language-Learning Guide!

This is a book written by someone who experienced the pain of not being able to master a second language he was learning in some point of his life. He tried different methods and had extreme difficulty in some stages of his learning journey. He even resorted to certain tricks in order to pass the placement test of his French class. By trying a number of strategies and different techniques, he was able to come out with an amazing book titled “Fluent Forever: How to Learn Any Language Fast and Never Forget It”.

Fluent Forever Book Cover

Gabriel Wyner, a thirty years old young man, who had faced difficulties in some stages of his learning journey, he now speaks six languages FLUENTLY. Isn’t that awesome? He used simple techniques and FREE online resources that enabled him to master six languages. He pointed out to some challenges that every learner will probably face, that is memory and how can a learner benefit from the available resources to memorize new vocabularies. Not only memorize them but make them sticky and stay with the learner forever. He mentions that there are powerful language learning tools in the internet, but no single program put all these tools together to create an awesome and supper easy learning method.

Flash Cards

Moreover, Gabriel says that he encountered three basic keys to language learning.

First: Learn Pronunciation First

This is very crucial. It is important to learn the sounds and how to pronounce before learning anything else in a language, not even spelling. Because through sounds you can recognize words, understand meaning and then use them to speak.

Second: Do not Translate

It is not just advisable to forget your own language when you learn another language. But it is very critical to stop translating everything from the learner’s mother tongue into the new one. A learner should start thinking like the natives of the new language, otherwise, he / she will not be able to succeed in acquiring and mastering the new language.

Gabriel, moreover, experienced this when he was learning Hebrew and Russian at the early stage. He says that he was practicing translation instead of speaking. He thought that throwing away his English, will give him the time to build fluency instead of decoding sentences word-by-word.

Third: Use the Spaced Repetition Systems

Spaced repetition systems (SRSs) are flashcards used to drive information into the learner’s memory. They supercharge memorization, as Gabriel indicates in his book.

The book is worth reading and I think there is an electronic version of it (Kindle). What is great here is that you can get the audio book for FREE during the trial period. Practice listening and enjoy reading. CLICK HERE to find the book.

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