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DXN health empire

There is a large number of giant companies worldwide that produce healthy products and goods that care for human health. But there is a few of those companies specialized in producing what is REALLY beneficial for humans and paid attention to the health of people. On top of those companies comes the awesome Malaysian company DXN.

What Do You Know about DXN?

In few words, DXN is a giant company that cultivates Ganoderma mushroom (Reishi Mushroom) The company produces high quality products putting its greatest interest in enhancing body immunity and improving health. DXN markets for its products in various ways. It sells its products of nutritional value and high quality either by direct sale through its branches around the world or through consumers.

You may wonder how the company sells through consumers? We will get to know all this in detail, and how the company has been able to build partnerships with its consumers changing the lives of many people who have shifted from total dependence on monthly salaries to achieving great monthly profits.

DXN farms and factories

Who and When DXN was Established?

DXN was established by the Malaysian Professor Lim Siow Jin in 1993. He spent 20 years in research, studying the characteristics of the Reishi mushrooms (the Ganoderma). He has seen the amazing benefits and qualities of this wondrous mushroom, by experimenting its healing features on his colleagues. He decided then to establish a company through which he spreads the benefits of this mushroom for the human interest. The company has not stop there, by just cultivating and producing mushrooms, but has developed studies and produced other products that have significant impacts on strengthening the immune system and enhancing general health of the body (we will get to know most of those products in coming articles).

Direct Selling System

In 2015, the company was ranked 24th on the list of the top 100 direct selling companies worldwide, according to the American Direct Selling Association, and in 2018 it crossed one billion USD to be ranked the 22nd on the list.

DXN Rank

What Makes DXN Different?

DXN’s farms and factories are in a total area of 120 hectares, owned 100% by the company, where more than 100 products are produced. These products are designed and manufactured for all family members. The company deals with more than 7 million consumers from all over the globe.  

Here is a list of the company’s product lines:

  1. Health Supplements
  2. Food & Beverages
  3. Personal Care
  4. Skin Care
  5. Household
  6. Home Appliances
  7. Water Treatment

How to Generate Income from Products you Consume?

DXN did not only provide high quality and health care products, where it adds Reishi mushrooms to most products. The company went further by allowing the consumer to generate income from the stuff he purchases and uses. By applying simple techniques (anyone can do it) the consumer can make huge profits in a period of time, depending on how much effort the consumer exerts. This is what is called as the network marketing (we will learn this in future articles).

It is noteworthy that everybody can be transformed from a regular consumer to a wise consumer, just by following these three steps:

  1. Using DXN products instead of the products purchased form groceries or pharmacies
  2. Introducing the products to others and acquainting them with their real quality
  3. Building a team of consumers to grow their profits and monthly income

In future articles, we will learn more about this Empire, the empire of DXN, its products and the nutritional characteristics of those products. We will also learn, step by step, how to build a team of wise consumers and how to earn growing monthly profits.

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