The Biography of Prophet Mohammed

An Introduction to the life of Prophet Mohammed.

How much to do you know about Prophet Mohammed!

After six centuries of the birth of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, and more specifically in 571, another child was born. So, what is the big idea? Many children were born in that year. The big idea is that the child is different. He was born to change humanity. To take them out of darkness to light and brightness. People worshipped idles, animals, materials, stars, the moon and the sun, but this child was born to save them from worshiping other than the one who deserves to be worshiped, that is their created. Strong people oppressed the weak, but he came to stop oppression and help those who are weak. Communities were segmented and some people were enslaved, but he came to dignify human beings and free any sort of slavery. Have you ever heard of a man that orders his followers if they commit some major sins to free slaves?

He is not a king, but kings envy him. He is not an emperor, but emperors wish to have sincere followers like his and he is not a tyranny, but they fear his justice.

Every nation has their own hero, but this child is a hero for all humanity. Who am I taking about? Is he a fictional character like Captain America and the iron man! No, he is not. He is a real human being, but a greater than all fictional characters of all times.

I will present a number of episodes talking about the life of prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, from birth to death. These will be short videos, but rich in information about this man.

It does not matter if you are a Muslim or non-Muslim. If you are a Muslim, then believe me you will get so much information that you did not have before. If you are non-Muslim, then you will learn few, just few things about this man that you wish you knew before. This is a short introduction, and I cannot wait to start our first episode, so, come back soon if you are not interested to subscribe. But I really encourage you to subscribe and hit the ring button, so as soon as I publish my second video you will be notified. I leave you with peace

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