Sean Connery – Unforgettable Name

What We Do Actually Matters!

I am not going to write in this short article the biography of Sean Connery, the man famous of performing the role of James Bond. There are many news agencies, articles, TV shows and YouTube channels that will provide a detailed biography for such a famous article. What you are going to read in the following “few” lines are some words of wisdom that we all should know.

How do you live and what did you do?

A person’s value is determined with what he does and the value he provides to his nation. Do you think you are doing something that will have positive impact, not necessarily on the entire world, nation or even city, but to those close to you?

How many times did you think of others instead of being selfish and just thinking of “ME and nothing but ME”. How many times did you think of those around you and did “or at least wished to do” something to change their lives to the better? Cannot you see that millions and millions of people die every day, but only handful of them pass away with awesome impact on those around them? So, what do you think will be if I or you were in their position, what people with think of you?

People are determined and valued with their actions, in fact, your whole life is “your deeds”! and that is all. You are composed of mere deeds and actions and when you die people will say “may he/she rest in peace” if you were good to them, or they will say “he/she was a bad person, we feel sorry for him”!

When you leave this world, your actions will remain here and they will speak loud about you, whenever someone sees them, they will remember you. Your names goes higher and higher, not because you are famous, but because you are a person with bright past and positive impact.

My name is Ahmed? Well, does that matter, or does it ring a bell? What if you are Ahmed of John? Unless you and I have something to offer, we are nothing. I am not saying you have to do something so that people will know you or you be famous, I am saying you have to do something that you like to be remembered with.

There are so many things you and I can do, we can teach, educate, participate, help the poor, have mercy on weak and orphans, be positive and spread positivity and draw smile to those around you. That is the least you can do for others.

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