A Truthful and Trustworthy Man!!

The man who was destined to change the course of history!

Mohammed, peace be upon him, was playing with his foster brothers and playmates when they saw a man catching Mohammed, peace be upon him. It was Gabriel, peace be upon him, who descended from the sky. He opened Mohammed’s chest, extracted his heart and took out a blood-clot out of it and said “this is the part of Satan in you”, then he washed his heart with Zamzam water in a gold basin. After that he restored his heart to its place. The children when they saw the man opening the heart of Mohammed peace be upon him, they came running to Halim and said, “Mohammed was murdered”! she could not comprehend the news, and immediately rushed to where Mohammed was playing to see him doing all-right.

You may think, it is insane and not possible, but the reality is the one who created us and gave us life is capable of doing whatever he wishes without any questions. If we, human beings, are able to make heart transplants, will it be difficult for the creator, the Almighty God to do even more complex things?

Halima was afraid that something bad might happen to Mohammed, so she decided to return him to his mother. Back to his mother, Mohammed, peace be upon him, lived with his mother a year or two, until he was six years old. His mother, Amena, remembered her husband who died in Medina, so she decided to visit his grave with her orphan little boy. She stayed there for a whole month and made her way back to Makkah. But, when she was in place called Al-Abwa, she suffered a severe illness from which she died. Yes, she died and Mohammed, peace upon him, lost his mother too. He has no place to go now except to his grandfather’s house.

Abdulmuttalib was more passionate with his grandson than he was with his sons. He knew that losing his mother added more to his pain of the past. One day, a mattress was put in the shade of Kaaba for Abdulmuttalib. His children sat around the matters in respect for their father, when a young boy came to sit on it. His uncles tried to move back from the matters, but Abdulmuttalib used to say “leave my grandson. I swear that this boy will be a great man with a significant position”. Mohammed lived with his compassionate grandfather for two years, when he was 8 years old, his grandfather died.

Now, he will live with his uncle Abu Talib who took full responsibility of his nephew and treated him in the best manner. Mohammed peace be upon him lived in great respect and esteem with his uncle. Do you know what happened to him when he was 12 years old? If you say his uncle died, then you guessed it wrong.

Abu Talib went on a trade journey to Syria. He passed by a city named Busra and met a monk named Buhaira. This monk came to meet Abu Talib and the people with him. When he saw Mohammed he grabbed the hand of Abu Talib and said “this child is the master of all humans. God will send him with a message which will be a mercy to all beings.” Abu Talib said “how do you know that?”. He said “when he appeared, all stones and trees greeted him and there is the seal of prophethood below his shoulders.”. He gave Abu Talib some advice to let the boy go back to Makkah for fear of Romans and Jews.

Mohammed, peace be upon him, did not participate in the worship of idles, he did not drink alcohol, he was a trustworthy young man to the extent that he was called “الصادق الأمين”, meaning the truthful and trustworthy/honest. That was a label no one shared with him, a label dedicated to none but him. He started his work as a shepherd for Bani Saad for a wage, but when he was 25 years old, he went to Syria as a merchant for Khadija, the most honorable lady in Makkah. How did her business go? Where there any incidents reported to her about Mohammed, peace be upon him? That’s what I will present in the next video, so I leave you with peace.

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