Destruction of Abraha’s Army

What Happened to Abraha's Army and Where was Mohammed Taken to?

Abraha was building a cathedral to be visited by all people for pilgrimage but people were already going to Kaaba. He decided to destroy the Kaaba so all pilgrims will come to the cathedral. He had two purposes in mind, one was religious and the other was commerce. So, he prepared his army with the elephants he had and went for battle. Unfortunate for the people of Makkah, they did not have any chance of winning against the large army and elephants of Abraha, so they sought refuge in the mountains. We mentioned what happened between the leader of Quraish Abdulmuttalib regarding his caravan, then it was a perfect opportunity for Abraha to proceed with his plan. When Abdulmuttalib left the meeting with Abraha, he was heard saying “The Owner of this House is its Defender, and I am sure he will save it from the attack of the adversaries and will not dishonor the servants of his house”. God Almighty mentioned the story of Abraha and his army in a chapter of the Quran called the chapter of the Elephant (Surat Al-Feel). By entering the city, Abraha’s elephant kneeled down and refused to go on. Then the sky turned dark with a large number of small birds carrying small rocks. Those birds were called the birds of Ababil. They showered Abraha’s army with those small rocks and destroyed the army. According to some scholars explaining the Surah, they said the birds and what was sent down like rocks is an expression for the spread of epidemic the smashed the army and Abraha met his end there.

As I mentioned in the last video, Mohammed peace be upon him was an orphan. It was the habit of Arabs to send their newborn children to the villages where they grow up free of diseases, strengthen their bodies and master the Arabic tongue from Bedouin. His grandfather Abdulmuttalib entrusted him with Halima, from Bani Saad. But you know, he is an orphan, so payment for breastfeeding won’t be as generous as when the fathers pay. At first, Halima was hesitant to accept him, but when she was about to return empty handed to her village, she decided to take Mohammed and nurse him, a decision that she would never regret.

Upon taking him, she returned-back with blessings that descended on her family. Do you know what happened? Halima said “it was a year of drought and famine and we had nothing to eat. I rode on a mule and we had an old she-camel. We could not get as much as a drop of milk from it. We could not sleep during night for our children kept crying out of hunger. On top of that, I did not have enough milk in my breast. We prayed for along time for rain and relief. When we got to Makkah, all women refused to accept Mohammed, we were asking what would his grandfather and mother do? Our eyes were fixed on the price and how much we will get from the child’s father. Every single woman returned with a baby, but I did not find any. When we were about to leave Makkah, I told my husband, I will go back and take that orphan, I swear I will not go empty handed. I had no choice but to take him. When I took him to my arms and returned to my place, I gave him my breast and I was astonished to find out that there was milk in it. He drank to his heart’s content as well as his foster brother, and they both went into deep sleep. That was not all, our old she camel we had plenty of milk, so my husband and I and the children drank the milk to our fill and for first time in a long time, they enjoyed a nice sleep.”

Blessings descended upon this family for as long as this child was there with them and that includes every single aspect of their lives, from food, blessings, their full sheep, etc. When Mohammed reached two years, he was a strong boy, but it was time to say goodbye to this full-of-blessings child. She returned him to his mother, but she could not bear the feeling of leaving him. So she requested that he would stay with them, and his mother agreed. He remained with Halima until he was four or five years old, until something great happened to him. It was an incident in which his foster brothers reported to their mother that Mohammed was assassinated.

So, what happened exactly? This is the topic of our next video, so state tuned, and peace be with you.  

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