Abraha the Christian Ruler to Yemen and the Year of the Elephant

How did the Arabs live before Mohammed? What is the year of the elephant?

Before the birth of Muhammed, peace be upon him, there were many Arab tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. They did not have any common ground to be united, except for their language and worship of idles. They fought each other for trivial things. Although there were many good attributes for Arabs, some bad actions prevailed such as burying newborn females out of fear of bad reputation. They committed all sorts of awful and criminal acts. Nothing stopped them from crossing red-lines since there were no limits or regulations to rule over them.

We do not deny that there were extremely awesome characteristics for the Arabs at that time, such as generosity, courage, self-esteem, and fulfilling their promises even if it means death. The prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him clearly stated “I was sent to complement excellent morals”. But when it comes to religious aspects, they did not have any barriers.

Muhammed, peace be upon him, was born an orphan. His father died while traveling from Medina to Makkah. He did not have the pleasure to be raised under the umbrella of both his parents. You can imagine, how an orphan like him, peace be upon him, has saved humanity! His mother did not have wealth, but she said, when I gave birth to him, I saw a light coming out of me. She knew that her child will be a great person someday, and he was and still is.

The year in which he was born is called the year of the elephant. If you know nothing about the year of the elephant, then listen to this. There was a Christian ruler in Yemen by the name Abraha. He built a large church in Sana’a and called people to visit it instead of going to Makkah. Unfortunately, he did not have many customers since most people were heading towards Makkah. This derived him crazy and he prepared an army composed of elephants. He advanced to Makkah and killed any opposition that stood in his way. When he arrived at the borders of Makkah, the people of Makkah left it to the mountains. The difference in power was clear and great. Abraha found a caravan that belongs to the leader of Quraish, Abdulmuttalib. He took over them and in no time a good-looking man came to the army of Abraha. He thought that this man had come to talk about Abraha’s attempt to destroy the Ka’ba. The man was none other than Abdulmutallab, the leader of Quraish himself.

But what Abraha did not expect is that Abdulmuttalib requested Abraha to return his caravan. To his surprise, Abraha said I thought you came to talk about the Ka’ba, not camels. Abdulmutallab said, I am the lord of my camels and the Ka’ba has a Lord that will protect. Abraha immediately ordered his soldiers to return the caravan to Abdulmutallab and advanced towards Makkah. When he got too close to the Ka’ba a great incident happened. An incident that is remembered throughout the history of this nation. It was an incident that changed the entire situation, from having an undefeatable army, into tasting unspeakable defeat. That’s what I am going to write about in the coming article, so I encourage you to subscribe to get notified. Stay safe, be blessed and I leave you with peace.

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